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Welcome to the WTI Students forum! Here we can ask each other questions about homework, post key points to study, talk about something that happened at school, or just random conversation. Its up to you!
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 Thanks to Mr Foster.

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Thanks to Mr Foster. Empty
PostSubject: Thanks to Mr Foster.   Thanks to Mr Foster. EmptyThu Jan 08, 2009 10:09 am

I took this class a long time ago with 5 other people and even know some major life events happened while i was in this class (My little girl was born, and I fell off the top of a Simulator) I learned a ton of new things and even taught a few new things on stuff i already knew.

To the current folks in this class you lucky to get the new single board trainers. The old ones which I had to build and use are pieces of junk and need constant attention. I have had to repair mine 3 times now.
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Thanks to Mr Foster.
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