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 Cash for Clunkers

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PostSubject: Cash for Clunkers   Cash for Clunkers EmptyThu Aug 20, 2009 8:40 pm

Has anyone used this program? It ends on Monday. From what I hear, too many people are using it, not many are actually getting approved for the refund, but the dealer gets stuck footing the bill for the car's refund. Also, many of the cars being bought under this program are still in production because of the overwhelming request for such cars as the Ford Focus and so on. More were being requested than dealerships had in stock.

Makes me wonder if Obama really thought this one through or not. It's a good deal for consumers, but the dealerships are getting stuck with having to give out the rebate before it gets approved and when it falls through, they have to pay out-of-pocket for the rebate. Then they are running out of the more popular cars and are stuck trying to get a VIN number off a car still on the line just to please a consumer who wants their new car now.

I am sorry, but even though my Chevy is worth $650 or some, it is still durable and reliable. Got me to NY and back and to NC and back and even guided me through Memphis when I took a wrong turn on the highway and got lost, and repeated my lack of direction in Oklahoma. (Hey, all they said was go west. So I did.) It was my second car since my divorce and I don't owe a thing on it. To me, it is worth more than trying to get a rebate and hearing that the dealer got stuck having to make up the difference.

And some of the cars being rebated shouldn't even leave the car graveyard they were buried on. Many people are taking in cars that haven't been in use for over 10 years. How is that fair? Cheating the system.

Oh well.

I will continue driving my Chevy around the US and enjoying it till the wheels fall off (which I pray they don't, but I have a strong feeling Chevy knew what it was doing back before the popular fiberglass/aluminum foil days came around).
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Cash for Clunkers
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