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 Human Error....

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Human Error.... Empty
PostSubject: Human Error....   Human Error.... EmptyWed May 13, 2009 1:31 pm

So, as I sit here pondering a hospital visit after dropping a fully loaded computer tower on my toe while setting it up in my house and watching the blood trickle down into my carpet and eventually feeling the toe go numb affraid , I start to think, how many other people have been in this situation of trying not to cry out in anger and pain and just rip their damn toe off and throw the computer tower from the second floor balcony? Cuss Bang Head

Since working with computers for serious, not just exploration, I have broken 7 nails, smashed 3 toes and watched 2 toes bleed profusely. I have also had bruised hips from carrying them and several smashed fingers. And yes, even a minor concussion as I tripped on a small toy my daughter left on the carpet and I slammed my head into the side of my computer tower when I landed.

I know I heard on former classmate speak of his daughter having a crushed toe after falling from the computer tower...

Anyone else have war stories from their battles with computers?

Anyone get electrocuted????

Come on, don't be shy!
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Human Error.... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Human Error....   Human Error.... EmptySun May 17, 2009 11:24 pm

No lol, i have had some cuts and scrapes from sharp edges, maybe burned a couple times from heat sinks. I know i have shocked my self a couple times and even made a computer smoke. But i don't think i have known anyone that has had much trouble with dropping their computers lol. I don't even remember if i have ever dropped one before.
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Human Error....
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