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 This isn't a soap opera

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This isn't a soap opera Empty
PostSubject: This isn't a soap opera   This isn't a soap opera EmptySat Jan 31, 2009 3:24 am

There has been alot of crap being put on the instructors by certain individuals, and I think it has gone quite far enough, so to those who think otherwise, grow the F*&K up, we're all supposed to be adults as well as professionals here. If we want to be allowed to be ourselves, well then we should also give that same benefit to the instructors as well.
We all have our own belief system and views on things, but to say that ours are the only ones that count is just wrong. Let's all go the distance and make this a school that we can be comfortable comming to and make it a great place to teach as well. I will probably have a talkin to over this one,but I don't care as I've heard enough, so next time YOU have an opinion or a belief to share with everyone else, make sure it wouldn't bother you if it were an instructor saying it instead of YOU!
With that said....Thank You!!!!!!
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This isn't a soap opera
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